Hearing aid repairs

My hearing aids keep goin on and off, I find this very irritating. The shop from where I purchased the hearing aid is closed due to the lockdown. Nobody is answering the company helpline. I cannot do without my hearing aid, what is the way out as this lockdown may continue for some more time.

It is very unfortunate that your hearing aid is giving problems during this period. There are various reasons for the hearing aid going off and on. Under the present circumstances we recommend that you read this blog which explains some simple hacks to fix your hearing aids at home.

Hearing Aid Repairs? Handy Tips To Fix Them At Home

Please note that Hearing aid repairs mentioned in this blog are to solve some of the issues, if these tips do not help, do not try to open the hearing aid even if you have the tools. The warranty if any will be void if you try to open the hearing aid.