Hearing Power Foods

What foods are good for increasing Hearing Power?

Hello EarHealer,

Some foods do have the nutrients which can rejuvenate our ears. Hearing loss due to old age can be due to reduced blood supply to the ears, reduced supply means the ears gets less of the required nutrients.
This particular blog will be helpful for selecting the right food. All food articles mentioned are easily available.

Wonder foods to Boost your Hearing Health

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Foods That Promote Hearing Health are:

  1. Beans and leafy greens | Folate
  2. Avocado, dark chocolate, whole grains | Magnesium
  3. Nuts and seeds | Zinc
  4. Bananas, melons, oranges | Potassium
  5. Flaxseed, walnuts, and fish | Omega-3s
  6. Mushrooms, eggs, fortified milks and cereals | Vitamin D
  7. B12-supplemented foods

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